Groen in Beeld – a database with the most varied photography of flowers and plants, fully archived on the basis of botanical names.

Green in Beeld is a database with botanical photography by Stap Projects | Miek Stap. Turning your hobby into your profession is actually what everyone wants in life. I have been able to do that for a large part of my time! I love to be outside with my camera in parks, gardens and nature, but also at the nursery or in a greenhouse makes my ‘green heart’ beat faster. Passion for green is the driving force behind this collection of botanical photographs.


We also provide photography on assignment. This varies from product photography, company reports for advertising material and website, atmosphere photography on location. Are you interested? Please contact us for information and a quotation.

If desired, we also search for the appropriate location and / or stylist for your assignment.


Photography often takes place on location. Gardens, parks or at the nursery, beautiful applications can be found everywhere. Sometimes for the smallest detail, often as a composition! We are always surprised what man has thought up and what nature follows neatly.

Here is a photo taken in Park der Gärten (Bad Zwischenahn, Germany). A park open to the public with the most beautiful applications of annuals and perennials, or even collections of various plant groups.


Groen in Beeld has a small studio in the Haarlemmermeer. Enough space to make timelapse recordings, to photograph beautiful arrangements of flowers that we have photographed for our clients or just to be creative with the greenery and the camera.

Interested in timelapse recordings of your flowers or plants? Ask about the possibilities and price per film.



The IFP web application is a portal to the extensive search engines for flowers, houseplants, garden plants and flower bulbs. The information per product consists of fixed data such as colour, application possibilities, storage temperatures, planting depth, etc. In addition, we provide other facts such as origin, care tips and other important information. And all this in 8 languages!

This application can be used on a computer, laptop or tablet. Access is gained through login and password verification. Visit our demo of the application to get more insight. Please note that the demo version does not show all the options that the search engine has.

Take a sneak preview and test the demo version of the InfoFlowersPlants web application!